Frank Meisler

Lady on the Move

Metal, Silver and Gold Plated Sculpture                 


Signed 'Frank Meisler / Israel' and numbered 258/1200 on the coattails.

 In metal, silver and gold-plated, this unique sculpture was created by the world-famous Israeli sculptor, Frank Meisler. Depicting a figure of a lady on a skateboard, balancing herself between career, baby carrying, shopping and elegance, this dynamic sculpture is also enhanced by a rocking marble base and rotating upper body.


Height (total): 9-1/2 inches

Width (total): 8-1/4 inches

Height (base only): 1-1/4 inches

Width (base): 4-15/16 inches

Depth (base): 3 inches


Woman with Offering

Painted Terracotta Sculpture

Limited Edition: 2/5


Signed (Unidentified), dated 2009, Limited Edition: 2/5

Dimensions: H – 15.5” W – 7.25” D – 8.5”

Good condition consistent with age and use. There is no damage or repairs. We make our best effort to provide a fair and descriptive condition report. Please examine the photos attentively. Send us a message to request more details or discuss price.



Alexander Ney

Perforated and Painted Terracotta

Abstract Sculptural Composition


Signed & 2012-Copyrighted on the bottom.

Dimensions:   Height: 15.25”            Width: 9”        Depth: 8”

Alexander Ney (Russian, born in 1939 in Leningrad, Russia) is an American sculptor and painter. He immigrated to the United States in 1974 and has since lived and worked in New York City. Developing several individualistic styles in modern art, he is most famous for his unique work in terracotta sculpture, involving heavily perforated surfaces and intriguing forms.

Good antique condition consistent with age and use. There is no damage or repairs.

We make our best effort to provide a fair and descriptive condition report.

Please examine the photos attentively. Send us a message to request more details or discuss price.


Paul Rudin


Patinated Bronze Sculpture


PAUL RUDIN (1904-1992) was an American sculptor, mostly known for animal depictions.

Dimensions:         Height: 9”         Width: 14.5”         Depth: 6”



Benson A. Selzer

Woman IX

Patinated Bronze Sculpture


Benson A. Selzer (1921 - 1999) was an American artist, known for sculpture and painting.

Dimensions:          Height: 20”         Width: 12”          Depth: 12”



Scandinavian Modernism


Anodized Bronze Sculpture


Signed with initials: “PH” or “Pt”, and dated: ’74.

Dimensions:        Height: 33”         Width: 14”         Depth: 23”



Ernest Neizvestny


Patinated Bronze Sculpture


Dimensions:         Height: 9.25”          Width: 12.75”          Depth: 2.5”

ERNST NEIZVESTNY (Russian, 1926 – 2016)

Russia has a tradition of expelling it's greatest artistic talents, many of them Russian Jews. These ingenious individuals, such as Lipshitz and Chagall, have gone on to make brilliant contributions to world art, as well as jewish art.

Ernst Neizvestny is another artist in this long tradition. He achieved great success in the Soviet Union but controversy followed his career. For many years, he worked on the Jewish themes of the Holocaust and Yazkor but was unable to show or publish the work. He came to the attention of the west after a public conformation with ex-Premeier Krushchev at an art opening.

In 1971, he entered an international competition for a statue to be placed on the Aswon Dam. To the embarrassment of both Egypt & USSR, Neizvestny, a Jewish sculptor, won. Despite honors and privileges bestowed on him by the Soviet Government, Neizvestny preferred to have freedom to work openly on the themes of his choice. In 1976, he was finally allowed to leave the country. Now in the United States, he continues to devote much of his creative effort to Jewish history.

The Twelve Tribes of Israel is one of Neizvestny's major works. His breadth of vision and commitment to Jewry are uniquely suited to the awesome task of interpreting this ancient theme in terms of contemporary urban civilization.

The artist has chosen to work not only in monumental sculpture but in other media because he feels strongly that "the pulse of an idea beats in it's smallest fragment." In the art forms offered here, more people will be able to share in the idea of Neizvestny's work in the which the emblems of the Twelve Tribes are represented individually and integrated in compositions symbolizing the unity of the Jewish people.


Ronald Edward Street

Spear Thrower

Oxidized Bronze Sculpture


Dimensions:         Height: 59”          Width: 26          Depth: 20

This is most unusual and one of a kind work of art from the sculpture garden of the Estate of Ron Street, ex-employee of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and husband of Carmen Bambach, Curator of Drawings at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Ron was a brilliant and valuable senior 3D imaging manager at the Museum for 30 years, and was an important figure in bringing the Met into the 21st century with computer imaging and 3D analysis, working closely with various departments in achieving their goals of educating the public and expanding the visual comprehension of the works of art on display.


RONALD EDWARD STREET (American, 1950-2016)

In his personal life, Ronald Street was a sculptor and painter, and for the landscape inside and around his country home in Walton, New York, Ron created one of a kind bronzes, marble and stone works of art, wood sculptures and folk art creations, for family and friends.To the best of our knowledge, all these works are one of a kind, and were never offered for sale..



Louis Féron

Male Torso

Carved Wood Sculpture


Dimensions:         Height: 29.5”         Width: 10.25”            Depth: 8.5”

Louis Féron (French, 1901 –1998) was a sculptor, chaser, gold- and silversmith. He was born in Rouen, Normandy, and apprenticed in Paris in the Volk Bronze Figure Workshop as a figure and ornament ciseleur. In 1933, he won the title of “Best chaser, gold- and silversmith of France” for a goldsmith work called Head of Jean, now on permanent collection in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. He was named Commande de l’Ordre du Travail by the French government and decorated in the Sorbonne. He immigrated to Costa Rica during the Great Depression, living and working there from 1934 – 1945, where he ran his own workshop. In 1935 he was appointed professor at the Public Works School in Costa Rica. From 1939 – 1940, he created the Salón Dorado (Golden Room) in what was then La Sabana International Airport Diplomat Lounge, now part of the Costa Rican Museum of Art. This is a stucco-and-bas-relief mural covering 150 square meters and representing major events and periods in Costa Rican history from pre-Columbian times up to 1940. In 1987, he received a commendation from the Costa Rican government for his “great contribution to the artistic and cultural heritage of the nation.”

Feron left Costa Rica for New York City in 1945, and he became an American citizen in 1951. In the United States he designed and created sacred vessels, jewelry, and sculpture for private clients as well as for the firms Rubel, Van Cleef and Arpels, Verdura, Schlumberger, Bronzini, Cartier, David Web, Tiffany & Company[2] and Steuben Glass Works. His work has been accepted in the collections of Musee d’Art Moderne, Paris, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; Currier Museum of Art, Manchester, NH; the Virginia Museum, Richmond, VA; and the Cathedral of Detroit, MI.

Feron married the dancer Leslie Snow in 1962 and established a workshop in New Hampshire. In 1977, he was awarded an honorary Doctor of Humane letter by Plymouth State College. In 1995, thirty-five of his pieces formed an exhibit at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. Feron taught a number of prominent artists over the years, many of whom maintain their own workshops and carry on his traditions, including Pierre Etienne Lahaussois and Carvin French.



Jean Cohen

Abstract Composition

Marble Granite & Aluminum Sculpture


Dimensions:         Height: 21 1/2 “         Width: 28”         Depth: 11 1/2 “

JEAN COHEN (1927 - 2013) was a New York-born American artist, known for painting, sculpting and teaching.



Ellen Brenner-Sorensen

Female Head

Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture


Signed and dated on the base: Ellen Brenner ‘92.

Marked: 4/8 - for Limited Edition.


Dimensions:         Height: 39 ½”         Width: 15”         Depth: 8 ¼”



American Mid-Century Modern

A Woman’s Head

Modern Terracotta Sculpture


Elegant in its simplicity, this bust depicts the head of a beautiful young woman with her hair spread out over her shoulders and her eyes closed.

Dimensions:       Height: 16 inches         Width: 8 inches         Depth: 7.75 inches



Japanese Mid-Century Modern

Standing Nude Boy

Patinated Bronze Sculpture


Original dark-brown patina, signed illegibly in Japanese hieroglyphs.

Dimensions:         Height: 10 inches         Diameter: 2 7/8 inches



American Mid-Century Modern

An Alien

Polished Bronze Sculpture


This very unusual minimalistic, but extremely expressive, desk-size sculpture is unsigned, and has an original marble base.


Height: 8 inches         Width: 4 inches         Depth: 3.5 inches



Sébastien Tamari

Femme Nu

French Modernist Bronze Patinated Sculpture



Height: 18 ¾ inches         Width: 3 ¾ inches         Depth: 3 ¼ inches

Sébastien Tamari (French, 1900-1991)

1900 Birth in Baku of Sébastien Tamari (Russian Empire).

1920 He left his hometown due to political events. He traveled through the Caucasus, went to Constantinople and then to Palestine.

In 1922, He enrolled at the School of Fine Arts in Jerusalem. He arrived in Paris in 1924. Then he studied in 1926-1928 with Jean Boucher's sculpture course at the School of Fine Arts.

From 1928 he is also part of architecture over the Decorative Arts, it will follow until 1932.

1931 Marries his wife Lyuba.
1935 First exhibition (Salon des Cent).
1937 Exhibits at the Zak gallery.
1941-1944 He was introduced to woodworking in a furniture factory in Clermont-Ferrand and is dedicated to animal subjects.
1945 He participates in the first Montparnasse Salon where he exhibited a relief, the Chamois.
It has 1946 stone and bronze at the Tuileries living room and the gallery Bernier.
1947 He exhibits a carved wooden Deportees and the Round the Society of Independent Artists, where he will show his works regularly until 1972.

Until the retirement age, Sebastian Tamari worked for Valsuani foundry, located not far from his studio. He was introduced to the patina of which he became a skilled specialist.

1954 He discovered the magic of the assemblies, the first will be a portrait of a man.

1955 First solo exhibition at the gallery Breteau where he collects some success. Woman bronze jug was bought by the French state and deposited in 1956 in the town of Junies (Lot). Located on the town hall square, the statue was spirited away during the summer of 1995.

1961 It shows Don Quixote I at the Salon de la Jeune sculpture, in which he participated in 1958 and presents various works at the gallery of the University.

1963 Another group exhibition called in Zurich, during which a film will be shot by Swiss television. Don Quixote I is again exposed to the Rural Exhibition organized in the gardens of the American Artists's Center. On this occasion, his work is noticed and will be the subject of a solo exhibition in New York at the World House Galleries, who will present him with the siren for the Carnegie Prize (Pittsburg) in 1964.

1964 He participates in the exhibition Forms Human Rodin Museum and presents the Water Carrier.
It shows the Spanish in 1965 in which comparisons are held at Fair Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris.

1967 He participates in the Salon d'Automne.
1968 He received the Silver Medal of the Société d'Encouragement au Progrès at the closing of the International Festival of painting and visual art graphico-Saint-Germain-des-Prés.
1969 He participates in a group exhibition at the Swedish Club in Paris.
1970 He presents motherhood for which he received the André prize of Switzerland.
1971 He graduated from the International Exhibition of Paris and exhibited at the Rimon gallery.
1974 He participates in the International Exhibition of Paris-Sud (Juvisy) where he obtained an honorable mention diploma in 1974.

He presents Don Quixote 1977 II in Montrouge Contemporary Art Show.
In 1979, he was appointed an associate in the Salon d'Automne.
1981 and 1985 to particpe The International Exhibition of Small Bronze.
1982-1989 He shows his works at the Salon of the XIV arrondissement. In 1982, Medal of the City of Paris, silver grade.
1988 Bronze Animal exhibition Medal of the City of Paris, silver grade.
1988 Bronze Animal exhibition at Nevers.
1991 Death of Sébastien Tamari


Xavier Gonzalez

Spanish Maiden

Anodized Silver Statuette



Height: 18 ¾ inches         Width: 3 ¾ inches         Depth: 3 ¼ inches


This wonderful work of art came from the collection of painting, sculpture and jewelry by Xavier Gonzalez and his artist wife, Ethel Edwards, that was given to the Arts Students League of New York by the Gonzalez family after Xavier’s passing. Both, Xavier Gonzalez and Ethel Edwards were at one time teachers at the Art Students League.

 The sale of this object directly benefited the Xavier Gonzalez Memorial Fund in raising funds for future students’ scholarships. This work has been in storage for a number of years, and prior to that, in the personal collection of the Xavier Gonzalez and Ethel Edwards family.

Xavier Gonzalez (Spanish/American, 1898 – 1993) was an American artist, born in Almeria, Spain. He lived in Argentina and Mexico for some time, and was planning to become an engineer in a gold mine. However, in 1925, he immigrated to the United States and began his studies at the Art Institute of Chicago from 1921 to 1923. His uncle, José Arpa studied with him there. Gonzalez also studied at the San Carlos Academy in Mexico City, as well as in Paris and in the Far East. In 1931, he became a US citizen, and in 1935 married fellow artist Ethel Edwards (1915–1999), who was seventeen years his junior and his student at Newcomb College. Gonzalez often worked and studied with fellow artist Julius Woeltz, who was the best man at his wedding. Best known for his mural painting and sculpture, Gonzales commandeered the canteen wall at Newcomb for the use of his art students. His works have been displayed throughout the United States - at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, just to name a few. Gonzalez was also well-known in Paris, Venice, Brussels and Tokyo. He taught art at Tulane University, the Brooklyn Museum, Case Western Reserve University, and the Newcomb Memorial School of Art, and was the director of the art school at Sul Ross State Teachers College in Alpine, Texas. In 1953, he was elected to the National Academy of Design as an Associate member, and then became a full Academician in 1955. He illustrated a children's book called "He Who Saw Everything. The Epic of Gilgamesh" by Anita Feagles (1966). Xavier Gonzalez died of leukemia in 1993, at the age of 94, in New York City.


·         Covington, Louisiana, Tung Oil Industry, 1939, oil on canvas

·         Hammond, Louisiana, Strawberry Farming, 1937, oil on canvas

·         Huntsville, Alabama, Tennessee Valley Authority, Federal Courthouse, oil on canvas

·         Kilgore, Texas, Pioneer Saga, 1941, oil on canvas

·         Kilgore, Texas, Drilling for Oil, 1941, oil on canvas

·         Kilgore, Texas, Music of Plains, 1941. oil on canvas

·         Kilgore, Texas, Contemporary Youth, 1941. oil on canvas

His wife, Ethel Edwards painted 2 murals; one titled Life on the Lake in 1942 at the Lake Providence, Louisiana post office and the other, titled Afternoon on a Texas Ranch, completed in 1941 at the Lampasas, Texas post office.


American Streamlined Modern

The Prayer

Bronze Sculpture

Circa 1980s


Height: 8 3/4 inches         Width: 5 5/8 inches         Depth: 8 1/3 inches

 Unusual streamlined modern depiction of a praying kneeled man in polished bronze. Original marble base. Very heavy. Unsigned.



Jacques Lipchitz

Gilt Bronze Abstract Sculptural Composition

Circa 1950s

Signed en verso by the artist’s facsimile: ‘Lipchitz’, and his fingerprint.


Height: 6.75 inches         Width: 8.25 inches         Depth: 2.25 inches

 JACQUES LIPCHITZ (French, 1891 - 1973) Lithuanian and Jewish, the refugee artist Jacques Lipchitz arrived in Paris at precisely the right time: when the early-20th-century European avant-garde was shaking up the art world and Cubism was born. When we think of Cubist sculpture, the works of Lipchitz emerge as exemplars of the style translated into three dimensions. Later, the second time Lipchitz fled for his life at the beginning of WWII, he left behind a less abstract style and, in a major career-changing transformation, began producing larger-scale sculptures in bronze. Later still, the work of the ever-dynamic Lipchitz had become increasingly emotionally expressive, often incorporating themes from Judaism. At the end of his long lifetime and multinational trek, Lipchitz may be regarded as one of the foremost contributors to the Cubist style and to modern sculpture.



Alexander Ney



Circa 1990

Signed with artist's facsimile, and dated '90


Height: 9 1/2 inches         Width: 8 inches         Depth: 6 inches

Alexander Ney (Russian, born in 1939 in Leningrad, Russia) is an American sculptor and painter. He immigrated to the United States in 1974 and has since lived and worked in New York City. Developing several individualistic styles in modern art, he is most famous for his unique work in terracotta sculpture, involving heavily perforated surfaces and intriguing forms.



Modern American Abstract

Anodized Iron Sculpture by

T. Truitt, 1974

A unique abstract sculptural composition in anodized iron.

Signed on the base T. Truitt, and dated 1974.


Height: 26”     Width: 18”     Depth: 5”

Good condition, wear consistent with age and use. We make our best effort to provide a fair and descriptive condition report.

Please examine the photos attentively, as they are an integral part of the item description.


Javier Marín

"Hombre a Caballo"

A Contemporary Mexican Bronze Sculpture

Ca. 1998

Bronze sculpture of very fine quality casting, with light verdigris-type patina.

 Inscribed twice: Javier Marin - on equestrian’s left shoulder and on horse's right rump.


 Height: 31 3/4”     Length: 27”     Width: 8 5/16”

 Javier Marin (Mexican, b.1962), a world-famous Mexican artist was born in 1962 in Uruapan, Michoacán. He got his education through Academy of San Carlos and the National Autonomous University of Mexico. During his 30-year career, he had 270 exhibitions in Canada, Mexico, the United States and a few of South American countries. Most of his exhibitions were held in Mexico City’s museums, such as Museum of Modern Art and National Print Museum; and also the US museums, such as Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. In 2008, he was awarded with the Prize of the Third International Beijing Biennial in Beijing, China.

 Javier Marín’s artworks demonstrate remarkable knowledge of the human form garnered from years of drawing directly from the figure. Process is an obvious passion for Marín: spikes of bronze are often left exposed to show the paths of molten metal flowing into the cast figure. It is this deliberate coarseness combined with Marín’s elegant classical approach to the figure that give his sculptures such power and substance. He captures the mystery of Michelangelo, the drama of Rodinl, and the extraordinary dignity of Mayan and Aztec portraiture. The massive bronze nudes of Javier Marín offer a unique blend of Western European and Mexican perspectives while embracing the vitality of Renaissance sculpture.

Good condition, wear consistent with age and use. We make our best effort to provide a fair and descriptive condition report.

Please examine the photos attentively, as they are an integral part of the item description.



Solid Silver Sculptural Paperweight by

Val Stern


Solid sterling silver


Height: 1 1/4 inches         Length: 4 1/2 inches         Width: 2 inches         Weight: 15oz (426.4g)




Sculptural Bronze Paperweight by

Val Stern


Patinated bronze


Height: 1 1/2 inches         Length: 5 1/4inches         Width: 2 1/2 inches          Weight: 20.3oz (577.3g)



- Racing Car -

A Futuristic Stainless Steel & Aluminum Sculpture by

Daniel Fiorda


 The sculpture is signed and dated on the front right wheel: "FIORDA" & "8" (for 1998).


Length: 22 inches            Width: 9 inches            Height: 7 inches

                A rare contemporary stainless steel & aluminum sculpture of a futuristic racing car by a known American artist, Daniel Fiorda; namely, from his series " Heavy Toys", where speed is reflected in the form of children’s toys that have been adapted to the adult psyche. This sculpture with the monochromatic metallic color stresses the power an intensity of the metal and supports the notion of movement. Horizontally or vertically signify the illusion of speed while simultaneously being aesthetically appealing, producing the image of sporty racing car. The materials used, primarily steel and aluminum, with some bronze and copper, are precise and crisp; giving an aura of the clean cut and hard edged. The luster and shine of the metal combined with its firmness and solid stability factors enhance the notion of cocksure forwardness. The easily recognizable pistons in the “Heavy Toys series”, are, in fact, taken from high speed racing boats. Heavy toys allow us to look at the work and reflect on today's speed. The swiftness, whether physical, mental or emotional, often causes a sense of confusion and perplexity that becomes difficult to untangle.


- Centaur Kissing an Infant -

A Sculpture by

Abram Belskie

Ca. 1958

Plaster and resin, signed by the artist and dated 1958.


Height: 13 inches         Length: 11 inches          Depth: 3 1/2 inches

             Abram Belskie (1907 –1988) was born in London and grew up in Glasgow, Scotland. He graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in 1926. In 1929 he emigrated to New York, USA, to work for British sculptor John Gregory. In 1938, Belskie was introduced to physician Robert Latou Dickinson and subsequently applied his skills to create medical models, some of which were exhibited at the World's Fair of 1939. After Dickinson's death in 1950 Belskie instead created medallions (occasionally medicine-related). Belskie died in 1988 and, in 1993, the Belskie Museum of Arts and Science was opened in Closter, New Jersey. It was founded by the Closter Lions Club to preserve, house and exhibit the works of Abram Belskie. It was entirely funded by membership fees, donations, grants and local subsidies. In addition to numerous private collections around the world,

 Belskie's work is exhibited at:

American Museum of Natural History, New York

The Field Museum, Chicago, Illinois

Mariner's Museum, Newport News, Virginia

Brookgreen Gardens, Pawley Island, South Carolina

Cleveland Health Museum, Cleveland, OH

Johnson & Johnson, New Brunswick, New Jersey

Jewish Theological Seminary, New York

Park Avenue Synagogue, New York

New York Academy of Medicine, New York

The Belskie Museum, Closter, New Jersey




American Folk Sculpture by

Charles Lamb

Ca. 1980's


Dove: 6 x 7 inches            Base: 6 1/2 x 4 x 4 inches


Hand-hammered copper, wood.

               Charles P. Lamb(American, 1925 – 2013)

                Although Charles P. Lamb enjoyed a successful career as a furniture designer, he created a personal oeuvre of metal sculptures, paintings, jewelry and wood carvings while working in a barn in Livingston Manor, New York. The impressive works of art were unknown to anyone except Lamb’s immediate family until an estate property auction was held to benefit Doctors Without Borders, which became a day of an important discovery for knowledgeable dealers and collectors. The artist was born in Iowa, served in World War II and was educated at Stanford University. While there he studied engineering and gained a degree in English and Theater Arts. Mr. Lamb went on to become an actor and then manager of the Dobbs Ferry Players. When the theater group folded, Mr. Lamb turned to making custom designed furniture. His clients included jazz great Stan Getz and many other important musicians, entertainers and socialites. As a sculptor and fine artist, Charles Lamb was untrained. Yet at some point he acquired a barn in Livingston Manor, NY and turned it into a metal-working studio, where he systematically improved on the rudiments of welding, metal casting [including lost wax bronze], and other technical/creative skill sets he had acquired as a young adult. Working in solitude, he passionately produced the works of art that are becoming famous now.. In the 1970s, Mr. Lamb - an outsider artist retired from the making of custom furniture. He turned full-time to the pursuit of his personal art endeavors, referring to his need to create as “My Curse.” For decades, Charles Lamb surrounded himself with the beauty he created. He worked in welded steel, bronze, and carved wood.  He produced monumental figurative works, the sources of his inspiration are wildly divergent and based on his studies into multiple civilizations, cultures, and mythologies across time and space. His works are informed by nature, antiquities and history. In some pieces there are literal references morphing into stylized motifs that can only have sprung from the imagination.



a Nude Femme Seated on a Bench

Contemporary American Bronze Sculpture by

Bernard Langlais

Ca. 1993

Signed: Langlais            Limited Edition: 4 / 8            Dated: 1993


17 1/2 in. H x 13 in. W x 8 in. D

               Bernard Langlais (American, 1921-1977) was a sculptor and painter in Cushing, Maine. Langlais, a French-Canadian and Indian native of Maine, attended the Corcoran School of Art, moved to New York, and became a close friend of many of the rising New York artists. Tired of the New York competitive art scene, he returned to Maine, abandoned abstract painting, and achieved considerable success with monumental wooden and outdoor sculpture.



- A Whimsical Unicycle Rider -

Surrealistic Bronze Sculpture

Ca. 1980's

                Full of mystic significance and symbolism, this most unusual bronze sculpture is signed illegibly, the authorship is not established.


Height : 17 1/2 inches            Width : 9 inches            Depth :  5 inches



Balerina on Unicycle

Hand Carved Wood Sculpture by

Chaim Gross

Ca. 1940's


Height: 9 1/2 inches         Width: 2 3/4 inches         Depth: 2 3/4 inches

A beautifully carved modernist wood sculpture by well known and highly collectible New York artist, Chaim Gross (1904-1991). It is one of ten small versions of a 29" sculpture in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Signed CH.GROSS on the plinth with the artist's "fox stamp" below, and on the bottom of the base, as well. Provenance: Schrick private collection, Connecticut, USA. In excellent vintage condition with original patina.

             Chaim Gross (American, 1904 - 1991) Chaim Gross was an Austrian born American sculptor. He was born in the then Austro-Hungarian village of Kolomyia (since 1991, in the Ukraine) and immigrated to the United States in 1921. His art studies began at the Kunstgewerbe Schule in Vienna shortly before he moved to the United States, where it continued at the Beaux-Arts Institute of Design where he studied with Elie Nadelman and at the Art Students League of New York, with Robert Laurent. Gross began exhibiting both his sculpture and graphic art in 1935, and was one of 250 sculptors who exhibited in the 3rd Sculpture International held at the Philadelphia Museum of Art in the summer of 1949. Primarily Gross was a practitioner of the direct carving method, with the majority of his work being carved from wood. Works by Chaim Gross can be found in major museums and private collections throughout the United States. Gross was a professor of printmaking and sculpture at both the Educational Alliance and the New School for Social Research in New York City, as well as a member of Artists Equity, the Federation of Modern Painters and Sculptors, and the National Institute of Arts and Letters. He served as President of the Sculptors Guild of America.



abstract composition

This unusual sculpture is a bright example of the American figurative arts in the 1970's - 80's.

  • Date of manufacture : c.1970's - 80's

  • Period : Contemporary (1946 - Present)

  • Country : USA

  • Sculptor : Unidentified

  • Remarks: Not signed

  • Height : 15 inches

  • Width : 10 1/2 inches

  • Depth : 9 inches

  • Medium : Marble

  • Inventory number : S-1950-0002




A powerful sculptural depiction of a human praying to God.

  • Date of manufacture : c.1980

  • Period : Contemporary (1946 - Present)

  • Country : Spain

  • Sculptor : Lluis Maria Saumelis (Spanish, 1915 - 1999)

  • Remarks: Signed "SAUMELIS"

  • Height : 24 1/4 inches

  • Width : 6 inches

  • Depth : 6 inches

  • Medium : Bronze / Marble

  • Inventory number : S-1950-0003



LIST PRICE: $2,400