African Primitive Art

Art Deco Period

Ritual Jimini Tribal ‘Brow Mask’

Oxidized Bronze

Côte d'Ivoire ~ 1920s


Height: 7.5 inches         Width: 7.75 inches         Depth: 4.75 inches

This superb example of the ritual African ‘Brow Mask’ is a unique creation of a truly skillful artist from the Jimini tribe of the Ivory Coast (Côte d'Ivoire) during the Art Deco period. The Jimini are relatives of the Senufo people in Ivory Coast. Their neighbors, the Senufo, Baule and Kulango, influence their artistic style and yet it has recognizable independent features. The present Jimini ‘brow’ mask face displays accentuated large and hatched eyebrows above slanting eyes, a prominent hook nose, characteristically hemispheric protruding mouth, and scarification marks on the cheeks. The seamless structure of the exterior and interior of this oxidized bronze mask is the result of the ‘lost-wax’ method of artisanship used. Rare!