- Till' Death Do Us Part -



Beautifully rendered in 14K yellow & rose gold, blue diamonds and ruby, this absolutely unique necklace consists of a skull, suspended on a long (18 inches) chain and, suspended from the skull on a shorter (3 1/2 inches) chain, a dagger with a drop of blood on it, rolling down from the pierced heart...


Height of skull: 3/4 inches     Width of scull: 1/2 inches     Height of dagger: 1 3/4 inches     Width of dagger: 1/2 inches     Total weight: 14.4 dwt




vintage Brooch


Ca. 1960's


This whimsical and most unusual brooch in form of a bee has silver and gilt silver filigree accented mother of pearl body, encrusted with cultured pearls and green stone eyes.


Length: 3 inches         Weight: 55.2 dwt